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SPHEREboard For CyberArk PAM

Integrating SPHEREboard into your CyberArk PAM instance leads to enhanced results and faster adoption of the platform, speeding time-to-value and risk reduction from day one. 


The Challenges

Our Solution

Ownership Verification is Exhausting
Without the proper owners, accounts cannot truly be protected. However, the repetitive nature of ownership campaigning and follow-up is a major burden for already over-extended security teams.
The Handoff Between Teams is Risky
Companies typically have multiple teams participate in manual workflows, creating inefficiencies in and allowing opportunities for human error and miscommunication during handoffs.
PAM Architecture is too Complex
Security professionals quickly become overwhelmed by the granularity that PAM tools provide and often struggle to maximize the value of their investment, due to a tidal wave of risk.
Automated Onboarding & Remediation
SPHEREboard for CyberArk streamlines the onboarding process and simplifies the onboarding of privileged accounts to save your team time to work on other high-priority tasks.
Save Time & Reduce Complexity
SPHEREboard operates on a least-privilege model to streamline and automate the creation of safes and AD access groups, map AD access groups to safe permissions, and vault privileged accounts.
Leverage Controls to Simplify Vaulting
SPHEREboard reduces complexity, leveraging controls defined by your organization and industry best practices to quickly identify the scope of privileged accounts and simplifying the vaulting process

SPHEREboard And CyberArk Keep Your Critical Assets Safer Together

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Whether you are past implementation and are maintaining the yearly churn of the privileged account lifecycle or have yet to begin your PAM journey, SPHEREboard is equipped to help your organization realize the full potential of your PAM program. Take the first step towards achieving identity hygiene with SPHERE by contacting one of our experts today. 

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